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POF App is available in all OS as per the necessity of users. From the age of painting emotions in a sheet of paper to the age where we move our finger resting our body in a cozy bed and sofa, technology has played a very heroic act to change the way of relations. Before, people used to hesitate to express their feelings and were always afraid to ask their parents their right to choose the one they liked to spent their days with.

Plenty of fish

Not only the technology but also the level of education made possible what we have today.  Now, technology or let’s say a science has contributed more not only to construction and development of the physical structure in the world but here we have an example PlentyOfFish, which I could say a miracle, has made something impossible possible and contributed extraordinary and appreciative effort to connect loving souls from all around the world.

To say it simply, it is a dating app. Oops! I think I should explain it as a service. A free service that cables two loving heart, that connect and bond two similar thoughts and dreams together. Thousands blessing of the loving hearts of Marcus Frind, Founder, and CEO of  PlentyOfFish Inc., who made thousands of dreams comes true.


It started its journey since the very beginning of the technology. It was founded in 2003. Originally this app was launched targeting Canada. Similarly in countries like New Zealand, United Kingdom, Brazil and United States Of America.  It completely feeds, meaning that everyone can connect without paying the money. But still, you have the option to subscribe the paid version.

But free version may lack some of the features. Here is a benefit I see in POF app. You can utilize the app as per capability in your pocket or enjoy free. It is easily accessible and can be downloaded from google play store. This app and website is regularly updated and hence new features and facilities are unlocked like local event postings, unique algorithms for matching singles, and personal assessments and many more. 

Plenty of fish Mobile Application

I know you all are excited what next. If I am not wrong you might be thinking about how to access the app. It’s simple. You just have to signup for the app. Download the app on your device from respected app stores and install it. After installation, you will be shown two criteria. First, to log in the registered account and second to sign in. Choose sign in. 

You will be asked with the personal information like age, sex, place, appearance, likes, dislikes and many more. I would like to request you all not to provide any wrong information.  A small mistake can destroy the life of another innocent people. After signing in you can now find your match.  Some features of this app are discussed below briefly.


Review of POF App

POF Search

pof search

Everyone dream of their Ideal partner. Other social media like Facebook has been misused and it is found that most of the information’s are wrong.  Here, as it is a dating platform and a case is very sensitive comparing other, people always use a real information. Aren’t you dreaming and expecting some special features in your future partner?

Then here search engine provides a unique facility to search your soulmate on the basis of your choices. The criteria for age, intent, ethnicity, country, personal interests, etc. and much more can be used before searching. POF will list out your perfect choices.

Match Algorithms 

 On the basis of information provided by the users, POF shows you the match for you. Enjoy and chit chat your favorite match and try balance between your emotions and choices. Is it equal? Then your future has a great ending.

Personal Assessment

 It’s not a joke. You are here for a test. A test that determines your life and  I call it your destiny. So go deep through any one’s  information. It is as important as understanding each other to know the things about the choices you are about to make. Do not hesitate, you have a time.  God is always with you.


You like him or her completely? Then buzz him or her. You can alert the matching you found from the choices and wait for their answer. If they accept then you are now one step forward to catch your destiny.

Also, you are allowed to send a message to your crush.  You can carve your emotions in the text and gift it to your soulmate. Isn’t  it simple and easy?  In course of sending and receiving the message,  you have a special authority and choice. You can set up your own choice. Your choice can be based on the age group, country wise or any other feature. you make your own choice. 


Call Your Match

Here, after you found your perfect match, you can chit chat or also you can have a video chat with your soul mate. It can connect you directly.

It is that media which spreads your demand and desire into the world. But still, a part of my heart aches when I hear about the misuse of the app. The world is changing day by day. Some corrupted heart and destructed mind have changed the meaning of love into something that I can never imagine.  Today a meaning of true love is having a  long-term physical relation and after their trust is satisfied they threw the skin emotions into the gutter. We found much negative response about the app.

It is just because some people used it a tool to find their one-night stand. Besides these, what made everyone optimistic is that true loving hearts really get their partner. We have had a record of many such relations that are still smiling and spreading the knowledge of love under the same sky.

POF is considered as the best app on the basis of a survey made by Google Play Store. It is liked by many people all around the world. We hope that developer will work out to advance the app and website, and they will add some more feature simultaneously so that one can experience the real meaning and experience of online dating.  It seems that more strict rules and advanced technology to stop the fake relation should be developed soon.